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By the grace of God, with the knowledge and talent of the youth of this region and by using the best raw materials and production methods, we will increase the quality and variety of our products day by day, taking into account your good feedback.

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The research and development and design of new products along with the production of hydrotherapy equipment and Aquatic fitness equipment using the best raw materials and choosing the most optimal production methods, as well as teaching how to work correctly with these equipment, is our main mission in the Hydrogym group.




Hydrogym equipment can be used in various medical specialties


One of the important and widespread applications of specialized hydrotherapy with HydroGym equipment is for patients with Musculoskeletal problems especially knee, hip and spine problems.

Rehabilitation, physical medicine, physiotherapy and occupational therapy

One of the powerful tools for physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the rehabilitation of their patients is use of Hydrogym equipment for a specialized hydrotherapy.


Specialized hydrotherapy with hydrogym equipment plays a great role in rehabilitating previous movements and learning new movements in patients with stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, MS and etc. Increasing safety, reducing the risk of falling, putting more pressure on the muscles and challenging the body’s balance system are among the features of specialized hydrotherapy for patients with brain and nervous system problems.


Specialized hydrotherapy with Hydrogym equipment plays a significant role in the treatment of cervical disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation and other spine problems which are unfortunately one of the most common musculoskeletal diseases today.


Joint artrits is one of the most common diseases in the world today and one of the best ways to relieve and treat it is specialized hydrotherapy with Hydrogym equipment because the pressure in the water is removed from the patient’s joints and doing different exercises will be possible.


Specialized Hydrotherapy can improve the cardiovascular function of patients. This is caused by the resistance of the water against the movement of the patient, as well as the hydrostatic pressure of the water on the body.

Internal medicine

Scientific studies show that specialized hydrotherapy is one of the effective tools in treatment of internal diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. It also can play an important role in treatment of patients with pulmonary problems.

Sports Medicine

Specialized hydrotherapy is considered as one of the most powerful tools for quick recovery and rehabilitation of athletes.

Geriatric medicine

One of the effective tools for maintaining the physical health of the elderly is the use of aquatic exercises for this respectable group because it is possible for them to perform various exercises easily in the water by removing the pressure from the joints.


Specialized hydrotherapy with hydrogym equipment is very effective in reducing pregnancy pains. Also, exercising in water with Hydrogym equipment is considered as one of the best and safest methods of physical activity and maintaining fitness in pregnant women and also facilitates natural childbirth.


Aquatic exercises is considered as the most effective, fun, healthiest, least harmful, most scientific and most up-to-date fat burning and slimming method.

Burn and reconstructive plastic surgery

Hydrotherapy with the help of Hydrogym equipment is one of the most efficient methods of treating burn patients. Also, the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone restorative treatments will be much easier and faster in water.

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Aquatic Therapy of various diseases with Hydrogym equipment

Modern hydrotherapy with one click

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Application of hydrogym Aqua Bike: Widely used for orthopedic patients with the aim of strengthening...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Elliptical: Strengthening the muscles of the trunk, gluteal area, hamst...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Sitting Bike: Suitable for patients after surgery and using internal fi...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Barfix: Hydrotherapy for spine problems Correction of spinal deviations...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Parallel: Suitable for various hydrotherapy exercises from simple to ad...
Application of hydrogym Hydro Jump: Increasing muscle flexibility in the recovery phase of patients ...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Twister: Strengthening the abdominal, side and lower muscles without pu...
Application of hydrogym Aqua Pole: Suitable for advanced stages of sports training shaping the side ...
Benefits of Aqua fitness and Aquatic exercises with HydroGym equipment

✔︎ Extremely high efficiency:

In water, due to the high resistance of water, every exercise is done with more calories than on dry land, which will increase the efficiency of training in water by at least three times

✔︎ Feeling a unique sense of freshness and vitality:

Exercising in water will bring more freshness and vitality to people due to the washing of skin pores, the gentle massage of water to the body and the absence of muscle cramps

✔︎ Extremely high safety:

Water not only surrounds the body as a protector but also repels a significant part of possible injuries during training

✔︎ :Reducing pressure on joints

In water, due to the Archimedes force, which acts against the force of gravity, the pressure on the joints is reduced, and all exercises can be done in water without harming the joints

✔︎ Prevent muscle cramps:

In water when doing aqua fitness, we will not see muscle cramps and accumulation of lactic acid in them due to the limitation in performing so fast and sudden movements

✔︎ Establishing balance and uniformity in fat burning:

In water, due to the involvement of all parts of the body in doing exercises, the process of fat burning and muscle building takes place uniformly throughout the body, which will bring a unique beauty to athletes